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Venusil Family of HPLC Columns

Venusil HPLC columns are manufactured from the highest purity spherical silica particles on the market. The outstanding properties of the HPLC phases are results of subjecting high quality silica to Bonna-Agela’s innovative surface modificationand unique bonding processes. Our proprietary nanosurface modificationgenerates a very smooth and even surface. This reduces the interaction between the silica surface and polar compounds, resulting in symmetric peak shape even for very basic compounds. Based on this technology, a series of unique columns was developed to meet the tough requirements for the analysis of highly polar compounds. Lot-to-lot reproducibility is ensured by a stable bonding/end-capping process.

  • Introduction of Venusil HPLC Columns

    The Venusil® columns generate symmetric peaks with high efficiency over their entire applicable pH range. The pHindependent high performance feature of Venusil® columns allows scientists to establish rugged methods with flexible choice of pH.

  • Venusil XBP

    Venusil® XBP C18 columns have the maximum bonding density and therefore provide highest hydrophobicity or lowest polarity. This allows for the least interaction between the analytes and the silanol groups. Venusil® XBP columns have extraordinary column stability at high pHs.

  • Venusil XBP C18(2)

    Venusil?XBP C18 (2) column's packing material is made with ultra pure silica. The silica surface is processed with Bonna-Agela' s patented surface deactivation technology, followed by a unique bonding process which can reduce the carbon content while maintaining a uniform bonding coverage.

  • Venusil XBP (L)

    XBP C18(L) has an identical bonded phase as XBP C18. However, XBP C18(L) has relatively low surface area which could shorten the retention time and analysis time.


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