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OMM Technology (Optimized Molecular Modification) for SPE Bonna-Agela SPE products have been developed based on a thorough understanding of interactive natures of chemical molecules. Our SPE products thus can better meet customer's needs.

  • Cleanert PEP-2

    Cleanert PEP-2 is made of polydivinylbenzene on which the surface is functionalized with vinyl pyrrolidone and urea. PEP-2 has stronger retention of polar compounds than PEP.

  • Cleanert PEP

    Cleanert PEP is made of polydivinylbenzene on which the surface is functionalized with vinyl pyrrolidone. The material has a balanced hydrophilic and hydrophobic property and can be used in the entire pH range of 1-14.

  • Cleanert PAX (RP/Strong Anion Exchange)

    It is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional silica based mixed-mode SPE sorbents such as C18/SAX. It is a RP/strong anion exchange mixed-mode polystyrene/ divinylbenzene sorbent, stable from pH 0-14.

  • Cleanert PWAX (RP/Weak Anion Exchange)

    Cleanert PWAX provides the dual modes of retention, weak anion exchange and reversed-phase on a stable polymer sorbent, which improves the retention for acidic analytes.

  • Cleanert PCX (RP/Strong Cation Exchange)

    Cleanert PCX is a mixed-mode, strong cation exchange sorbent which provides dual retention modes of reversed phase and cation-exchange. It has high surface area and a wide usable pH range of 0-14.

  • Cleanert PWCX (RP/Weak Cation Exchange)

    Cleanert PWCX provides dual modes of retention, weak cation exchange and reversed-phase on a stable polymer sorbent, which improves the retention for basic analytes.

  • Cleanert PS

    Cleanert PS is made of non-substituted polydivinylbenzene. It has larger surface area (>600 m2/g.) and thus greater capacity than reversed phase bonded silica.

  • Cleanert HXN (Mid Polar Polymers Specially for Sulfonyl Urea Extraction)

    Cleanert HXN is also made of polydivinylbenzene having surface modified with vinylpyrrolidone. This sorbent is specially designed to extract sulfonyl ureas from water and soil at ppb level.

  • Cleanert Micro Plate

    96-well micro plate can be packed with less sorbent, which allows to load a small amount of sample and elution solvent. The 96-well microplates with a special detachable design, each; loose cartridges use an internally tapered well design and make sure enough sorbent bed.

  • Cleanert PPT- Protein Precipitation Plate

    Protein precipitation is often used as a fast sample preparation method in bioanalysis. Protein denaturation with acetonitrile in a centrifuge tube is the most used method which is laborious, time consuming, and also not compatible to automatic instruments. Cleanert PPT plates were designed for high throughput and automated protein precipitation processing.

  • Cleanert FAST - Filtration Plate Series

    Bonna-Agela filtration plates provide simple sample preparation of plasma, serum and other biological fluids.

  • Cleanert MAS (Multi-function Impurity Adsorption SPE)

    Cleanert MAS is a simplified bio-sample preparation tool which offers multi-functional adsorption capabilities to remove interference while the analytes are remained in the aqueous phase.

  • Cleanert SLE Products

    Cleanert SLE (Supported Liquid Extraction) plates and cartridges contain a high quality modified diatomaceous earth with an ideal surface with large specific area and low activity.

  • Cleanert MAS-Q (QuEChERS)

    MAS-Q (Multi-mechanism Adsorption SPE-QuEChERS) is an application of modified QuEChERS method which is suitable for most of the pesticides residue analysis, drug or antibiotic residue analysis in vegetable, fruit, grain, and animal issues.

  • Cleanert NANO

    Cleanert NANO was developed base on carbon nanotube material. After functionalized process, the nano material has better affinity to remove colorants and fatty acids.


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