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HPLC Products

Bonna-Agela HPLC columns cover a broad field of chemistry to meet nowadays challenging needs of rapid HPLC analysis, LC-MS application, separation in extreme pH conditions as well as conventional applications in pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries. Our HPLC columns are manufactured with innovative technologies in both media manufacturing and column packing steps for unique selectivity and unsurpassed reproducibility. Bonna-Agela HPLC columns are classified into Unisol series; Durashell Series; Venusil XBP series; Venusil ASB; Bonshell series; Innoval series; Optimix series...

  • Featured and New Products

    With Challenging demands of scientist working in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Food Safety, Environmental, Forensic & Academics Bonna-Agela offers broad range of stationary phase chemistries to help customer to carry out rapid analysis, LC-MS Analysis, Working through Extreme pH conditions & Extended Temperatures. Bonna-Agela HPLC Columns are manufactured by R&D Scientist with Innovative Approach of playing with different ligands chemistries.

  • Bonshell HPLC Columns----Shell Technology Solution for Faster Separations

    Bonshell Columns are made up of shell particle to carry out faster separations with low back pressures. Bonshell has 0.5 μm porus shell covering solid core inside with diameter of 1.7 μm. With overall particle size of 2.7 μm. Bonshell Columns are ideal to be used with both UPLC and Conventional HPLC Systems which enables the scientist to easily transfer their existing method from HPLC to UPLC & vice-versa without changing the expensive hardware in HPLC system. The scalability of Bonshell Columns from conventional analytical dimensions to shorter dimensions and vice-versa makes it more special to use in the HPLC lab and for new method development it is ideal choice of the column which can easily work with both UPLC and HPLC to save the solvent cost, run time of the analysis & most importantly workable pressure range maximum up to 9000 psi making it best choice for the analytical separations in every real sense. The cost of coreshell technology products are lesser than sub 2 μm columns and in API & Formulation Analytical. However, the lifetime cannot be compared with regular longer length columns. We can conclude in nutshell Bonshell Columns are excellent tool for method development studies and shortening the overall analysis time with any commonly available HPLC System with less cost and optimal pressure with excellent peak shapes & resolution between the compounds.

  • UHPLC Technology and Columns

    Chromatography separation technology has been revolutionized by Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) System. Sub-2 μm particles make UPLC analysis more quickly, and more sensitive than traditional liquid chromatography. Since 2014, Bonna-Agela has launched our UHPLC series columns and provided different kinds of bonding chemistry on several modified silica particles surface. Bonna-Aglea UHPLC columns are packed with 1.9 μm particles based on ultra pure silica prepared by aggregation of silica sols. This kind of silica has narrow size distribution and no dead pores whose pore size is smaller than 2nm. Bonna-Agela UHPLC family includes UHP AQ C18; UHP ASB C18, UHP Innovol C18 and UHP HILIC. UHP AQ C18 is based on new spherical silica with high purity, with double layer surface modification technology, which reduces the interactions between polar analytes and silica surface significantly and subsequently symmetry for very basic compounds is maximized. UHP ASB C18 is bonded with unique bulky silanes that sterically protect the siloxane bond. UHP Innoval C18 is end-capped twice to ensure an inert stationary phase. The UHPLC material is packed in newly designed column housings with extremely low void volume, which tolerate back pressure up to more than1000 bar or 15000 psi.

  • Venusil® ASB Series Columns (C1, C8, C18 and phenyl)

    The Venusil® ASB series columns are specially designed for the separation of polar compounds under low (extremely stable at pH=0.8) to medium pH condition. The stationary phase is bonded with unique bulky silanes that sterically protect the siloxane bond. We offer a line of bonding chemistry of C1, C8, C18 or Phenyl groups presenting a broad selection of different polarity for various applications.

  • Venusil Family of HPLC Columns

    Venusil HPLC columns are manufactured from the highest purity spherical silica particles on the market. The outstanding properties of the HPLC phases are results of subjecting high quality silica to Bonna-Agela’s innovative surface modificationand unique bonding processes. Our proprietary nanosurface modificationgenerates a very smooth and even surface. This reduces the interaction between the silica surface and polar compounds, resulting in symmetric peak shape even for very basic compounds. Based on this technology, a series of unique columns was developed to meet the tough requirements for the analysis of highly polar compounds. Lot-to-lot reproducibility is ensured by a stable bonding/end-capping process.

  • Durashell Technology and Column

    Bonna-Agela’s Durashell column has a pH range of 1.5-12.0. Different from the current marketed products that also can be used at high pH, Durashell’s stationary phase is made with a dentrimer technology followed by molecular modifications.Bonna-Agela’s technology produces a strong hydrophobic protection layer over the silica surface allowing the columns to be used at extremely high and low pH. This technology also reduces excessive hydrophobic interactions between the stationary phase and the compounds, and yet maintains great interfacial kinetics for high efficienc. A line of stationary phases includes C18, C8, Phenyl and NH2.

  • Innoval Series Column

    Innoval columns are packed with high purity silica particles that is prepared by the ultra pure aggregation of silica sols. This class of columns from Bonna-Agela shows excellent reproducibility and high efficiency. A variety of function groups is bonded to the packing for broad applications. Innoval column include C18, AQ C18 and Silica

  • Optimix Family of HPLC Columns

    Conventional silica based HPLC stationary phases are usually bonded with mono-type alkyl chain molecules, e.g., C18,C8, etc. Recent studies have revealed that synergistic effects can be obtained when the bonded surface consists of C18 mixed with a shorter chain such as C8, amide or nitro-phenyl, etc. These new products offer different selectivity,coordinating multi-functionality, as well as a spacer effect (C18/C8).

  • Chiral Columns

    Normal phase chiral columns from Bonna-Agela Technologies are based on modified celluloses and starches. This type of chiral columns represents the most effective means of analyzing chiral compounds and obtaining pure enantiomers, i.e., e.e. purity >99% enantiomeric excess. Main Festures: ● Hydrogen bonding, π-π and the "embedded" composite integrated mechanism ● Venusil CA and CO columns are applicable to separate 80% chiral compounds ● Wide selectivity and high loading capacity


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