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Innoval Series Column

Innoval columns are packed with high purity silica particles that is prepared by the ultra pure aggregation of silica sols. This class of columns from Bonna-Agela shows excellent reproducibility and high efficiency. A variety of function groups is bonded to the packing for broad applications. Innoval column include C18, AQ C18 and Silica

  • Innoval Neo XD C18

    Innoval Neo XD C18 is designed base on an optimized silica raw material with a small pore size of 80A and surface area of 180m2/g.

  • Innoval ODS-2

    Innoval ODS-2 has excellent mechanical strength, which could be used under pressure up to 6000psi. Its low surface area, provide fast separation speed, also more tolerance ability for dirty sample. Innoval ODS-2 could provide good separation ability for hydrophilic compounds, compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase. 7 μm series characterized with higher cost performance, same column efficiency as 5 μm but provide lower cost.

  • Innoval C18

    The Innoval silica is made by aggregation technic, which makes the material have a much higher mechanical strength than normal silica made by sol-gel technic.


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